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"Yes, this is an exhaustive, useful resource for fans. And it is a caring testimonial."

"But it's also more than that. This website is a fascinating insight into a corner of industrial art and design. It documents the richness of one brilliantly productive company that helped fuel the engines of change and development to make Japan what it eventually became. It documents a golden age. "

This quote was contributed in the guestbook and it made me feel good. More than that, it succinctly said what it is about vintage Sansui equipment that lead me to create this site. Please if you are the author of that entry in the guestbook, contact me so that I may give you credit. and THANKS!!!!
Sansui Lover

Readers' Equipment These pages show off some readers' Sansui equipment.
History These pages detail what history I know of
Contributions Please send me email with any pics, facts, or remembrances, you have of Sansui equipment. I especially need history and the dates that certain models were released.

If you have technical manuals, send them to me scanned at 150 DPI and I will post them.

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