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Welcome to, the Internet's premier source of dubious information, suspect advise and Uncle Technology on all kinds of hi-fi and audio equipment, please note that due to various reasons large portions of the site are hopelessly outdated. Nevertheless, we do offer minimal information and/or contact details for more than 3300 audio manufacturers, distributors, record labels and brands in addition to thousands of links to all kinds of hompages, products and companies that operate in or around the hi-fi field. Please note that the site at large is still a bit rough around the edges, you are meant to navigate around using the grey sidebar on the left, which is context sensitive in the sense that if you go down into one section of the site the section you are in moves to the top of the sidebar and you will get an expanded choice of available options.


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Updates, corrections and additions to the Manufacturers links and Distributors pages.

Updates, corrections and additions to the Manufacturers links and Distributors pages.

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