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Jan. 29
New lyrics: BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART: song "Blood On Your Hands" from album "Pedal To The Metal" (2008); DAS ICH: EP "Kannibale" (2008); LAMB OF GOD: song "Contractor" from album "Wrath" (2009); PSYCLON NINE: song "Requiem For A Christian Era" from album "INRI" (2005); THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT: album "Trivmvirate" (2008).
Jan. 28
New lyrics: BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: 2 bonuses from album "Scream Aim Fire" (2008); LORDI: 2 bonuses from album "Deadache" (2008); MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT: 1 song from album "Quietly" (2008).
Jan. 14
New lyrics: ANDROMEDA: 4 songs from album "The Immunity Zone" (2008); CORONATUS: album "Porta Obscura" (2008); DREAMTALE: song "Lady Dragon" from album "Phoenix" (2008); PAIN: bonus "Clouds Of Extasy" from album "Cynic Paradise" (2008); PANZERCHRIST: 4 songs from album "Soul Collector" (2000); ROTTING CHRIST: song "Thine Is The Kingdom" from album "Sleep Of The Angels" (1999); SOTAJUMALA: 2 songs from album "Teloitus" (2007); SUNN O))): EP "Oracle" (2007).
Jan. 13
New lyrics: BENEATH THE SKY: song "Another Day" from album "The Day The Music Died" (2008); SINNER: album "Crash & Burn" (2008); THE HUMAN ABSTRACT: album "Midheaven" (2008).
Jan. 12
New lyrics: DOOM:VS: song "Upon The Cataract" from album "Dead Words Speak" (2008); MORDA: album "Eighty Six" (2003); SABBAT (UK): single "Blood For The Blood God" (1987).
Jan. 08
New lyrics: ANDROMEDA: album "The Immunity Zone" (2008); ANGEL WITCH: song "Suffer" from album "Angel Witch" (1980); DAX RIGGS: song "Wall Of Death" from album "We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love" (2007); DECREPIT BIRTH: 3 songs from album "Diminishing Between Worlds" (2008); GRAVE DIGGER: EP "Pray" (2008); JESU: EP "Lifeline" (2007); NEURAXIS: album "The Thin Line Between" (2008); SERENITY (AUSTRIA): album "Fallen Sanctuary" (2008); THY MAJESTIE: album "Dawn" (2008).
Jan. 07
New lyrics: ALCEST: English translation of the EP "Le Secret" (2005); DESASTER: album "Angelwhore" (2005); DILUVIUM: album "From Always" (2007); DIO: bonus "The Prisoner Of Paradise" from album "Master Of The Moon" (2004); INTRONAUT: album "Prehistoricisms" (2008); VIRGIN SNATCH: album "Act Of Grace" (2008).
Jan. 03
New lyrics: CYNIC: 4 songs from album "Traced In Air" (2008); DOOM:VS: 2 songs from album "Dead Words Speak" (2008); LORDI: single "Beast Loose In Paradise" (2008).
Dec. 14
New lyrics: CRIONICS: album "Neuthrone" (2007); DAGOBA: album "Face The Colossus" (2008); DARKTHRONE: song "Graveyard Slut" from album "The Cult Is Alive" (2006); DIATHRA: album "My Endless Sorrow" (2008); DOWN: bonus "Invest In Fear" from album "Over The Under" (2007); LÄÄZ ROCKIT: album "Annihilation Principle" (1989); LOUDNESS: album "Hurricane Eyes" (1987); MYNDSNARE: album "Conditioned: Human" (2008); THE FACELESS: album "Planetary Duality" (2008); THIS IS HELL: album "Demo" (2004).
Dec. 8
New lyrics: BATTLELORE: 6 songs from album "The Last Alliance" (2008); BIRDFLESH: albums "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh" (2002), "Mongo Musicale" (2006); CHAOS DIVINE: album "Avalon" (2008); DEATHSTARS: single "Death Dies Hard" (2008); MUDVAYNE: 9 songs from album "The New Game" (2008); PIK: albums "The Heritage Of Past Gods" (1999), "The Rotten Fruit Of Mercy" (2001); PLOWSHARE: albums "Here Comes The Plowman" (2006), "Life Must Disappear" (2008); PROCAOS: album "Never Wake Up" (2004); PROFANE OMEN: album "Beaten Into Submission" (2006), EP "Disconnected" (2007); PROFECIA: albums "Ezequiel 18" (2000), "Guerras Legendarias" (2005); PROFUGUS MORTIS: album "So It Begins" (2007); PSYCHOSTICK: album "We Couldn't Think Of A Title" (2003); PSYOPUS: album "Our Puzzling Encounters Considered" (2007); RAHOWA: album "Cult Of The Holy War" (1995); RAVEN WOODS: album "...And Emotions Are Spilled" (2006); RESURRECTURIS: album "The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell" (2003); REVENGE: album "Handle With Care" (2000); SACRIFICIUM: albums "Cold Black Piece Of Flesh" (2002), "Escaping The Stupor" (2005); SACRIST: album "Symphonies Of Ancient Empires" (2000); SAIGON KICK: album "The Lizard" (1992); SCARS OF CHAOS: album "Daemonic Alchemy" (2005); SCHAFT: album "Switchblade" (1994); SHADOWS LAND: albums "Ante Christum (Natum)" (2004), "Terminus Ante Quem" (2006); SHATTER MESSIAH: album "God Burns Like Flesh" (2007); SIG:AR:TYR: demo "The Stranger" (2003), album "Sailing The Seas Of Fate" (2005); SILVER FIST: album "Ave Fénix" (2004); SOBRE NOCTURNE: album "Serpentine Dreamweaver" (1999); SORE PLEXUS: album "HaPTePHObiC" (1999); SOULLESS: album "Chapter II" (2001); SOULSCAR: albums "Character Assassination" (2002), "Endgame" (2006); SPACE EATER: album "Merciful Angel" (2007); SPEAR OF LONGINUS: album "Domni Satnasi" (1997), EP "Nada Brahma" (1999), albums "The Yoga National Socialism" (2002), ".....And The Swastikalotus" (2007); SPELLBLAST: album "Horns Of Silence" (2007); SPIRAL MADNESS: album "The Berserk Crowning" (2004); SPLATTERHOUSE: split with BIRDFLESH "Taste Of The Sun / In The Swamps You Rot" (2006); STOLEN BABIES: album "There Be Squabbles Ahead" (2006); STRANA OFFICINA: EPs "Strana Officina" (1984), "The Ritual" (1987); SUBMISSION: album "Failure To Perfection" (2005); SURGICAL DISSECTION: albums "Absurd Humanism" (2003), "Disgust" (2005); SVARTBY: album "Kom I Min Kittel" (2007), EP "Tomte" (2007); SVENIA: album "Black Heart" (2005); SWIATOGOR: demo "Pierwsze Kroki Na Slowianskiej Ziemi" (2003), EPs "Pan Polaci Ziem Pomorskich" (2004), "Zwiastun" (2004), album "Tym Co Rodzimej Tradycji Wciąż Wierni" (2005).
Dec. 1
New lyrics: BATTLELORE: 3 songs from album "The Last Alliance" (2008); BLACKMASS: album "Nemesis" (2008); DOOM:VS: song "The Lachymal Sleep" from album "Dead Words Speak" (2008); EDGUY: 6 songs from album "Tinnitus Sanctus" (2008); KIUAS: album "The New Dark Age" (2008); SIX FEET UNDER: album "Death Rituals" (2008); SKEPTICISM: album "Alloy" (2008); SYMPATHY: album "Anagogic Tyranny" (2008).

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