Looking for a manual for your hi-fi equipment?

The HiFi Engine has 2676 owners manuals, service manuals, schematics and product catalogues covering amplifiers, pre-amps, power amps, tuners, tape decks, cd players etc.

The files are free to download, all we ask is that they are not redistributed for financial gain.

Thanks to the many visitors who have scanned documents and donated images to the gallery.

Akai GX-M10

Owners manual (en,de,fr) added for the Akai GX-M10 Two Head Stereo Cassette Recorder. Thanks again to Van_Isle for the scans

Nakamichi ZX-7

Added the service manual (en) and schematics for the Nakamichi ZX-7 3-Discrete head cassette recorder. Thanks again to Jeepo65 for the scans

Harman Kardon A402

Instruction manual (en) added for the Harman Kardon A402 stereo integrated amplifier. Many thanks to astorina for the scans

Sony CDP-302ES

Uploaded the owners manual (en) for the Sony CDP-302ES CD player. Many thanks to bruce weinborn for the scans.

Marantz 1040

Instruction manual (en,fr) and schematic for the Marantz 1040 Stereo Console Amplifier, and a french language Marantz flyer featuring the same. Thanks again to alainleroy for the scans

Pioneer SX-3800

Added the service manual and schematics (en) for the vintage Pioneer SX-3800 quartz-locked stereo receiver. Many thanks to sgivan for the scans


Part 3 of the service manual (charts and circuit diagrams) added for the JVC HR-S5500E stereo HiFi video recorder. Thanks again to JVC_graz for the scans


Instruction manual, service manual, parts list and schematics added for the JVC FX-F1GD / FX-F1RGD RDS tuner/timer. Thanks again to JVC_Graz for the scans

Pioneer SX-850

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Pioneer SX-850 stereo AM/FM receiver. Thanks again to romayk for the scans

Hafler P500

Instructions for assembly and operation for the Hafler P500 professional power amplifier. Thanks again to Thanks again to Klaus Mollgaard for the scans for the scans

McIntosh MAC 1900

Added the owners manual and quickstart guide (en) for the McIntosh MAC 1900 stereo receiver. Thanks again to nuppieri for the scans

Sony TA-N220

Owners manual (en,de,fr,es) for the Sony TA-N220 stereo power amplifier. Thanks again to astorina for the scans

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